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A New Liver Scanner For The DHI Drop-In Centre, Bath

South West based charity Developing Health & Independence (DHI) has opened a new drop-in centre at St James’ Parade, Bath, which offers vital liver-scanning technology, purchased with funds raised by the team at Marlin.

Just over a year ago, we announced our charity partnership with Developing Health & Independence (DHI) – a South West based charity with its roots firmly established in Bath.

Through a mix of awareness-raising, staff fundraising and corporate contributions, we managed to raise £15,000 towards the purchase of a liver scanner for the new drop-in centre.


The new DHI fibroscanner with an actual readout from a patient scan

This fantastic bit of kit quickly and non-intrusively identifies alcohol-related, Hepatitis C and other signs of liver damage. Once identified, DHI then works with the client to make lifestyle changes to reduce/prevent further damage. This vital equipment helps lower the barrier for the people that DHI works with and reduces the lengthy waiting times associated with referrals through the health system.

The liver scanner is located at the new DHI treatment centre at 14, St James’ Parade in Bath which has just officially opened its doors to the public. Due to its size, the liver scanner is portable and can also be used ‘offsite’ wherever it’s needed most.

Martin & Rosie Elbow Bump in front of fibroscanner

Martin Buckland, CEO, Marlin & Rosie Phillips, CEO, Developing Health & Independence (DHI) with the fibroscanner

Martin Buckland, CEO, Marlin Communications Ltd said, ‘On a recent trip to the new centre, we were overwhelmed by just how much work DHI does in our local area. Not only do they create a safe space for those affected by alcohol and substance misuse to make positive changes in their lives, but they also provide support for physical and mental wellbeing and housing. With their network of partners, DHI provide a truly comprehensive service to those in need. We’re so happy that we’ve been able to provide funds for the liver scanner and we’ll continue to support DHI in every way we can.’

Rosie Phillips, Chief Executive of DHI said, ‘Everyone at DHI is excited about the opening of our new drop-in centre and we are thrilled that our partnership with Marlin has enabled us to purchase the new liver scanner which will help us support more people affected by homelessness and substance misuse’.

We will continue to support Developing Health & Independence with our fundraising efforts into 2022 and beyond. If you would like to help, please click here to make a donation via our fundraising page.


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