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Here’s an overview of Microsoft 365 backup solutions. Delving into why backing up your Microsoft 365 environment is critical and how the solution safeguards your business data.

Why You Need to Back Up Your Microsoft 365 Environment

The Reality of Microsoft 365 Data Protection

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Many businesses operate under the misconception that Microsoft 365 provides all the backup they need. While Microsoft 365 is highly reliable and ensures that data is highly available, it doesn’t offer a true backup service. This gap means your data might be vulnerable to cyberattacks, accidental deletions, and corruption.

Implementing a dedicated backup solution is crucial because it creates an ‘air gap’ between your operational services and your backups. This separation is vital for protecting your data from potential threats and ensuring recoverability.

Cybersecurity threats are pervasive and increasingly sophisticated, and having a robust backup solution is a critical defence mechanism. If a cyberattack occurs, a reliable backup allows you to restore your data quickly and resume normal operations, minimising downtime and potential data loss.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Key Features

Microsoft 365 Backup from Marlin Communications

A dedicated Microsoft 365 backup is designed to provide comprehensive protection across your organisation’s Microsoft 365 services, including OneDrive, SharePoint, email, and Teams.

Here are the standout features of a dedicated Microsoft 365 backup solution:

  • Unlimited Storage
    There’s not usually an upper limit on the amount of data you can back up, ensuring all your critical information is protected.
  • Data Sovereignty
    You will usually have the choice to store your data within the UK or in international locations, keeping you compliant with stringent data protection laws.
  • Ease of Implementation
    The setup and activation process is relatively simple and quick, with minimal configuration required.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
    The straightforward per-user, per-month pricing structure makes it easy to scale and budget for your Microsoft 365 backup requirements.

Benefits of Implementing Microsoft 365 Backup

Rapid Deployment

A key feature of a dedicated Microsoft 365 backup service is its rapid deployment capability. It can be aligned with your Microsoft 365 tenancy and be operational almost immediately. This quick setup ensures your data is protected without delay, giving you peace of mind from the get-go.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

The service is designed to be flexible and scalable. You can easily adjust the number of users and the range of services covered. This makes the solution a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes and varying needs.

Supporting Your Cyber Insurance

Having a solid backup solution in place also supports your cyber insurance policies. It demonstrates that you have the necessary protections, which can be crucial for policy compliance and claims. By showing that your business is taking proactive steps to safeguard its data, you can ensure better terms and conditions for your cyber insurance.

Why Choose a Microsoft 365 Backup Solution?

Ease of Use

Turning on a backup service for Microsoft 365 is incredibly straightforward. It doesn’t involve weeks of consultancy or complex decision-making processes. You simply need to decide which users and services require backup and activate them. The process of adding or removing users is just as simple.

Flexible Data Retention Policies

Another significant advantage is the flexibility in data retention policies. The out-of-the-box policies are pre-configured to meet general needs, but you can easily adapt them to suit your specific requirements. This adaptability ensures that your backup strategy aligns perfectly with your organisational needs.

Enhancing Cybersecurity

The service significantly enhances your cybersecurity posture. By having a separate, secure Microsoft 365 backup, you’re safeguarding your data against potential threats. This additional layer of protection ensures that even if your primary data is compromised, your backups remain secure and intact.

Comprehensive Protection Beyond Backup

Advanced Threat Protection and Compliance

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Safeguarding your Microsoft 365 environment isn’t just limited to backup. Advanced threat protection with real-time email archiving is another recommended service to protect your email environments from sophisticated cyber threats. The combination of both these protection services ensures your organisation is protected and meets compliance requirements.

Microsoft 365 Total Protection

Total protection for your Microsoft 365 environment can include various tools designed to enhance security and efficiency. Key services can include:

  • Permission Management
    Streamline and secure access control within your organisation.
  • Phishing Simulation
    Conduct realistic phishing attacks to train your staff and prevent security breaches.
  • Security Awareness Reporting
    Track and improve security knowledge within your team.
  • Data Checks and Auditing
    Ensure sensitive data is protected and monitored with comprehensive auditing and alerting features.

Microsoft 365 Backup from Marlin Communications

Marlin Communications offers comprehensive, enterprise-grade Microsoft 365 Total Protection solutions including Microsoft 365 Backup for businesses of all types and sizes.

We offer a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss your requirements and the Microsoft 365 protection options available to your business.

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