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IT Support – 6 Ways To Demonstrate Business Value

IT support leaders need to continually demonstrate value to the business. The organisation’s leadership will expect an ROI on every proposed IT investment the organisation makes.

6 Ways That IT Support Can Demonstrate Business Value

IT Support Team on Laptops

1) Reduced Operating Expenses

These metrics focus on how your IT support team can become more efficient and demonstrate a quantifiable value (in £s) that can be compared to other functional teams. Potential KPIs here can be as specific as cost per incident, but can also extend to areas like agent retention. Today’s IT teams are strapped for hard-to-find resources, especially talent, so “doing more with less” has never been more critical.

How Marlin Communications can help

We empower your IT support teams to solve issues remotely, so they don’t need to resort to expensive, time-consuming onsite visits and fixes.

Key capabilities include:

  • Live Lens to give you visibility onsite.
    Your IT support team can reduce the number of on-site support calls and/or reduce the time spent on-site because you can solve many issues remotely via Live Lens and/or can troubleshoot issues before going onsite, so you’ll have the tools needed to fix the issue.
  • Out-of-band-support
    IT professionals must often toggle back and forth among multiple apps and workflows in order to support a device that can’t be accessed through the operating system or is offline. With our Intel vPro integration, IT teams can provide out-of-band support, all within one system, saving both time and money.

2) Internal Operational Expansion

The massive growth of hybrid and remote work has transformed employee working practices and heightened the need for remote IT support. Today, remote IT support enables employees to work flexibly and allows business organisations to scale their workforce, while maintaining the size of their IT teams.

KPIs in this area include savings the business accrues from being able to hire remote employees in labour markets with lower costs of living, as well as higher (or even maintained) employee retention and satisfaction rates among hybrid employees as an organisation scales, which translates into cost savings.

How Marlin Communications can help

  • Command Centre
    Provides IT managers with insights into the productivity of their support agents so they can focus on areas for team/agent improvement and optimise both their team’s time and employee experience.
  • Ad hoc support functionality
    You don’t need to have an endpoint pre-installed to provide support, even if a task requires Admin privileges. This allows you to provide instant support to anyone, anywhere, whether they use Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or Chromebooks.

3) Increase Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

When an issue with an employee’s laptop or desktop is fixed quickly, the end user doesn’t face downtime on their devices(which takes them away from their key work priorities) and thus provides organisations with the opportunity to increase their business revenues. IT support leaders can show real business value by connecting their work to the increasingly important goal of enhancing employee experience and avoiding downtime caused by technical problems.

How Marlin Communications can help

  • Calling Card as a System Service
    Deploying this desktop shortcut allows users to request ad hoc support via one click on their desktop, without them needing to manually grant UAC privileges.
  • Unattended Access (UAC)
    Allows a technician to remote connect to a computer even if a user isn’t present
  • Technician Collaboration + Multi Session Handling
    Bring in expert technicians from your team to help with complex issues anytime for faster resolutions.

4) Digital Strategic Expansion

Improvements in IT can expand your total addressable market (TAM) and enable new strategic initiatives that generate additional business revenues. This expansion may involve being able to support a different kind of customer by device type, region, or language. IT support can tell this ‘value story’ by tracking revenue generated from new strategic projects or initiatives.

How Marlin Communications can help

  • Live Translation Services support multiple languages from a single support centre, enabling your business to support a broader range of customers and markets.
  • Live Lens allows your business to literally see and hear the world through the eyes and ears of your customers and remote employees without having to download anything.
  • Customisable groups and channels – tailor agent views and workflows for multiple teams to allow for different use cases. You can customise the connection method, permission set, agent view, and even integration on the group level.

5) Increased Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Happy customers tend to keep coming back (to spend more money!). IT support effectiveness is a key component for any business wishing to optimise customer lifetime value (CLV). Conversely, if customers receive a less than optimal support service, they either spend less with your business or take their money to your competitors.

How Marlin Communications can help

  • Customisable branding allows you to tailor customer experience to blend seamlessly with your existing brand and workflow.
    This could be embedding support into your website or mobile app, customising chat and join windows with company branding, or building out a channel form with fields to better triage requests.

6) Cyber Resiliency

This concept relates to the continuity of IT operations and may sound like ‘only’ an IT goal, but since most modern businesses rely on digital capabilities to get work done, everyone now cares about resiliency.

Tech companies have seen a whopping 2,300% increase in the number of records breached by ransomware attacks in 2023 vs. 2022. According to an IBM report, the global average cost of a cyber attack in 2023 was $4.5M. The right tool can help your organisation avoid these expensive, brand-destroying security costs that damage your bottom line.

How Marlin Communications can help

  • Advanced security capabilities like granular access controls, authentication hardening with MFA and SSO, and session validation measures help keep malicious actors/cyber threats out.
  • Detailed audit reports and logging can also make it easier to stay on top of your compliance needs.

Creating and Communicating Business Value with Marlin Communications

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Marlin Communications offers enterprise-grade, remote IT support solutions with powerful and value-adding features, advanced security capabilities, and ample customisation options to help your team deliver fast, frictionless technical support that drives key business outcomes, such as time-savings, cost reductions, and improved customer/employee experiences.

We offer a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss your requirements and the IT support options available to your business.

Call us on 0800 032 8274 or book a discovery call here.

About Marlin Communications

Marlin Communications is an award-winning, leading provider of Unified Communications & collaboration solutions including voice, data, mobile, video, network security and contact centre technology for businesses of 50 – 5,000 staff.

We have clients across the UK and in Europe and our own, on-premises, 1,000 ft² Technology Suite at our Bath office, where we host regular events and showcase technology solutions for our clients. Contact us for your free comms audit or product demo.

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