Welcome To Marlin Communications

On 31st May 2022, Datasharp Integrated Communications left the Datasharp Group, after 22 successful years.

From 1st June onwards, we are now a fully independent company with a new name and identity: Marlin Communications. Rest-assured though, we’re the same team, same location, same phone number, providing the same industry-leading levels of service.


We’re very excited to be starting this new journey as Marlin Communications and we look forward to being able to offer you:

  • More choice – we’re truly vendor-agnostic, so can leverage our strategic relationships with multiple market-leading vendor-partners to offer a much wider range of communications solutions, on-premise, in the Cloud or hybrid – whatever your requirement
  • More agility, faster delivery, better value – we’re now more nimble and responsive than ever before, to help your business keep pace with rapid change
  • More innovation – we’re firmly focused on the future, solving tomorrow’s business communications challenges with expertise, technology and innovation to drive productivity, efficiency and profitability
  • Greater reach – we can connect your people wherever they in the world and help you remove complexity, improve efficiency and cut costs by consolidating to a single supplier

Why Marlin?

Streamlined and agile, it’s one of the fastest fish in the ocean with an international presence. The efficient and sophisticated Marlin was the perfect fit. They’re also one of nature’s most intelligent communicators. In short, they reflect everything about the way we work, and what we offer our customers!

Talk To An Expert

We can help with any aspect of your business communication strategy. We’ll take the time to listen to your needs, review the best options and provide an innovative solution that exactly matches your requirements.

To find out more about our comprehensive range of business communication solutions, contact us on 0800 032 8274 or use the form below and we’ll get back to you straightaway.

About Marlin

Marlin is an independent, leading provider of Unified Communications & collaboration solutions including voice, data, mobile, video, network security and contact centre technology for businesses of 50 – 5,000 staff.

We have clients across the UK, in Europe and beyond with our own, on-premises, 1,000 ft² Technology Suite at our Bath office, where we host regular events and showcase technology solutions for our clients. Contact us for your free comms audit or product demo.

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