Password Management

Secure password Management for enterprises

Empower your employees, teams and your organisation to access, store and share sensitive data easily and securely with one of our password management solutions.

Man standing with laptop - Password Management

Password Management features

Password Management -Vault

Enhance productivity

Enable employees to create, store and use passwords quickly and securely.

Password Management - Create Password

reduce Security Risks

Protect your business with tools & policies that help employees create strong passwords.

Password Management - Access Apps

Access Instantly

Utilise SSO to access your business essential systems & regularly used applications.

Fingerprint - Password Management

Password-Less Login

Remove master passwords and set more stringent minimum strength requirements to reduce lockouts and countless password resets.

Go password-less with our authentication app, FIDO2-certified biometrics or FIDO2-certified hardware keys. 

Secure Password Sharing

Share one login or many, quickly and easily and only with the authorised users or teams who need access.

Administrators can set up team folders, apply per-user permissions and maintain oversight of password management, from one central admin console.

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Admin Dashboard

Automate user account provisioning and management with a simple to use centralised admin dashboard where enterprise policies can be enabled through integration with your existing directory service. 

Customise admin privileges to ensure that only the right levels of access are given to the correct admin roles.

Easy-To-Use Experience

Manage and share passwords easily from one secure place. Store all passwords and other sensitive information in an end-to-end encrypted vault.

Administrators can manage access and the authentication process with protocols like Single Sign-On (SSO) and organisation-wide enterprise policies.

Man on laptop - Password Management
MFA - Password Management

Multi-Factor Authentication

Go beyond two-factor authentication with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that includes adaptive authentication with biometric factors.

Give employees a password-less experience whilst securing every access point by applying MFA to cloud apps, VPNs, workstations and more.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) grants authorised users access to applications with one set of login credentials, based on an employees' identity and permissions. 

Implement SSO as part of one of our password management tools or use your existing SSO policies with our seamless integration (compatible with SAML 2.0 and OIDC) - the choice is yours.

Single Sign-On - Password Management

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