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Business mobiles, SIMs & device management

Reliable mobile business communications with flexible & custom solutions for dispersed workforces across the UK. 

Marlin Communications Wheel Business Mobiles

Man using mobile phone - Business Mobiles

Business Mobiles

We take a flexible and consultative approach to supplying mobile devices to our customers, taking the time to fully understand what the business needs: reducing mobile roaming charges, providing fast data connections, enhancing coverage or simply reducing costs.

Key Solution Benefits
- Access to all UK Networks (O2/Vodafone/EE/Three)
- Agreements from 10-10,000 users
- Superbly flexible hardware-credit arrangement
Solutions you simply won’t find from your typical mobile vendor 


Mobile Data

In a world where work is done anywhere, our flexible data plans adapt to the changing needs of your business and reduce your costs.

Key Solution Benefits
- Variable contract lengths
- Flexible tariffs
- Dedicated support
- Data rollover with shared data tariffs

Man on Mobile phone - Mobile Data
Man using phone with digital connection icons -Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Connect, configure and control your mobile device estate with one centralised platform. Maximise the value of your business mobiles with simplified application management & automatic updates.

Key Solution Benefits
- Centralised management
- Automated enrolment for devices
- Enforce security policies
- Manage, control & distribute Microsoft Teams
- Track live, detailed & historical information
- Interactive invoicing
- Data, Call, Text, Device, roaming & security controls
- Location services


Apple Business manager

Our Apple Business Manager works seamlessly with your current mobile device management solution or it can be included in our bespoke MDM solution.

Set up Apple devices with ease across your business, manage them over the air and distribute apps, books and software all from a single point of control.

Apple Mobile Phones
Man using phone with digital connection icons -Mobile Device Management

Mobile Security

The ability to work from anywhere has freed up employees to be more flexible with where they choose to work from. However, such flexibility has also created new security threats from 'shadow IT' and a greater reliance on mobile phone usage.

Our Mobile Security solution for Android and Apple devices gives you peace of mind, keeping your mobile devices secure, wherever they are.

Key Solution Benefits
- Set password requirements
- Customise home screens
- Manage and bulk purchase apps
- Restrict features and functions
- Manage and push updates
- Disable activation lock
- Protect lock devices 


Lone Worker Protection

Remote working is more popular than it's ever been.

Our Lone Worker Protection keeps employees safe while giving you the visibility and control you need.

Key Solution Benefits
- Raise a panic alarm at the touch of a button
- Staff can place themselves, or be automatically placed via NFC tag, into a welfare session
- Monitor the map position of the lone worker, or outsource this to a BS5979 Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre

Man on his laptop outside - Lone Worker Protection
Woman on phone - Mobile Call Recording

Mobile Call Recording

With our Mobile Recording solutions, you can capture calls and texts made and received on any mobile device. It works with all operating systems and it's fully compliant with regulations too. 

It's secure, flexible and customisable. We can store your data securely in the cloud or it can be integrated with your existing voice recording systems.

Key Solution Benefits
- Record Inbound, Outbound, Roaming, Diverted Calls & Voicemail
- Integrates with your existing equipment
- Secure service that helps keep your business compliant

"Even if an alternative solution or supplier was more cost-effective, I would be reluctant to migrate. The customer service from Marlin Communications is excellent and you can't compromise quality over cost."

Why Choose Marlin Communications?

At Marlin Communications the relationship with our customers and partners takes centre-stage. 

With our in-house team of engineers and support professionals, Marlin Communications is perfectly positioned to deliver a comprehensive service and partner with your business for the long term.

'To Exceed Expectations' is our founding principle.  It's reflected in our SLA performance statistics:

  • 94% of support requests handled within 10% of allotted response time
  • 100% SLA performance record against client agreement
  • 24/7/365 support available
  • Installation and Support engineers across the UK
  • Strategic international support partnerships across the globe

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