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Optimise Contact Centre Management, Performance & Engagement

Contact Centre management solutions with in-depth analytics and rich insights that help your business improve first-call resolution and raise customer satisfaction levels.

Contact Centre Management
Contact Centre Management

Workforce Management

Deploy the right agents at the right time with in-depth performance KPI analytics that help you optimise customer service levels through increased agility, accurate forecasting and scheduling.

Forecasting & Scheduling: Accurately predict call volumes and agent workloads to optimise staffing levels, reduce customer wait times and enhance customer satisfaction.

Increased Agility: Track agent performance and workload in real-time. Make quick staffing adjustments to ensure efficient operations and help prevent agent burnout.

Quality Management

Rich insights like call quality and key takeaways that let you improve agent skills and increase customer satisfaction.

AI Speech Analytics: Utilise AI-powered speech analytics to identify trends, assess customer sentiment and agent performance.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Use historical data to identify areas of improvement that will increase customer satisfaction.

Agent Feedback and Coaching: Evaluate individual agent performance and identify opportunities for further development & coaching.

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Reporting & Analytics

Real-time monitoring and historical data that helps the Contact Centre management decision-making process.

Performance Metrics: Analyse key metrics including Average Handle Time, First Call Resolution and Customer Satisfaction.

Real-Time Monitoring: Enable supervisors to track agent performance and respond promptly to changing conditions.

Customisable Dashboards: Tailored to your business KPIs and goals.

Multi-Channel Integration: Consolidate data from all your CX communication channels into one reporting tool.

Historical Data Analysis: Forecast accurately with insightful trend analysis reporting.

"Even if an alternative solution or supplier was more cost-effective, I would be reluctant to migrate. The customer service from Marlin Communications is excellent and you can't compromise quality over cost."
CHAMBERS ADMINISTRATOR, 25 bedford row barristers chambers

Our Contact Centre Partners

Why Choose Marlin Communications?

At Marlin Communications the relationship with our customers and partners takes centre-stage in our business. 

With our in-house team of engineers and support professionals, Marlin Communications is perfectly positioned to deliver a comprehensive service and partner with your business for the long term.

'To Exceed Expectations' is our founding principle.  It's reflected in our SLA performance statistics:

  • 94% of support requests handled within 10% of allotted response time
  • 100% SLA performance record against client agreement
  • 24/7/365 support available
  • Installation and Support engineers across the UK
  • Strategic international support partnerships across the globe

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