Customer Experience Challenges?

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Low First Contact Resolution?

High Average Handle Times?

Poor Customer Satisfaction Scores?

High Agent Burnout?

Complicated Or Outdated Technology?

Low First Contact Resolution?

Are your customers raising the same issues over and over again?

First Call Resolution or First Contact Resolution is a metric that measures a call centre's ability to resolve customer interactions on the first call or contact, eliminating the need for follow-up contacts.

Our solutions boost first call resolution performance with:

Ai-Powered Self-Service
Customers can access the right answers around the clock.

Enhanced Agent Experiences
Agents are guided smoothly through issue resolution.

Seamless Integration
Ensure both agents and customers have instant access to the right information.

Proactively Solving Issues
Predict, pre-empt and prevent issues before they arise.

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Man on Hold - High Average Handle Times

High Average Handle Times?

Average handle time (AHT) measures the average duration of a customer service interaction.

Is your team spending too much time on customer interactions? Lower your average handle times with:

Ai Chatbots That Actually Help
From understanding intent to providing instant answers.

Real-Time Knowledge
Empower agents with on-the-spot intelligence and answers.

Step-by-Step Guidance
Guided processes that enable agents to deliver smoother issue resolutions.

Automated Journeys
Integrate and automate the customer service journey.


Poor CSAT scores?

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) is a common customer experience metric that measures how satisfied customers are with your company's products or services.

Are your customer experience satisfaction levels dropping? Let's turn that around with:

Smart Technology
Minimise wait times by directing customers to the best service source.

Round The Clock Support
Provide answers 24/7 with Ai chatbots for instant resolution.

Empowered Agents
Give your team the tools they need to deliver the best support possible.

Omnichannel Integration
Seamlessly connect with customers via their preferred channels.

Poor Customer Experience Scores
High Agent Burnout

High Agent Burnout?

When talented, hardworking agents become emotionally exhausted, disengaged and feel they lack support, it can negatively impact morale, productivity, and retention.

Are you struggling to retain agents? We've got the customer experience solutions to address their needs:

Optimised Desktops
All the necessary information your team needs, at their fingertips.

Stress-Reducing Ai Support
Decrease volumes with self-service Ai that eases the pressure on your team.

Automate The Mundane
Reduce the burden of mundane interactions and tasks. 

Enhanced Training
Utilise conversation analytics to deliver better coaching and agent development.


complicated Technology?

Outdated or insufficient technology can cause major customer experience problems.

Invest in the right tools to transform the customer experience:

Modern Solutions
Cloud-based platforms from leading providers like Zoom that provide better and faster results.

Efficient Ai Integration
Well designed conversational Ai and chatbots that enhance efficiency.

Seamless System Integration
Connect your essential systems for better data analysis and reporting.

Maximise Your ROI
Optimise your existing technology with a team of solution experts.

Woman using old phones - Bad Technology
"It’s been a refreshing experience to work with Marlin, an organisation that listens, recommends a solution you really need and then delivers it exactly how they said they would."

Our Customer Experience Partners

Why Choose Marlin Communications?

At Marlin Communications the relationship with our customers and partners takes centre-stage in our business. 

With our in-house team of engineers and support professionals, Marlin Communications is perfectly positioned to deliver a comprehensive service and partner with your business for the long term.

'To Exceed Expectations' is our founding principle.  It's reflected in our SLA performance statistics:

  • 94% of support requests handled within 10% of allotted response time
  • 100% SLA performance record against client agreement
  • 24/7/365 support available
  • Installation and Support engineers across the UK
  • Strategic international support partnerships across the globe

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