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Faster resolution Times with Face-to-Face calling

Optimised Video Contact Centre solutions that deliver engaging face-to-face interactions, help agents resolve issues quicker and give your business the competitive edge.

Woman on Video Optimised Contact Centre Call
Video Contact Centre Agent on Video Call

Agent Benefits

Time Efficiency: Video streamlines the communication process by reducing the time spent on clarifying details. This leads to quicker issue resolution and improves the overall efficiency of the Contact Centre.

Access To Visual Information: Some customer queries require visual demonstrations from the agent. Video contact centre enables agents to share screens, documents or product demonstrations, helping deal with the enquiry more effectively.

Customer Benefits

Visual Support: Complex issues can be better explained with visual aids and demos. Video allows customers to show an agent the exact issue they are struggling with.

Enhanced Communication: Video fosters a human connection between the agent and customer and leads to a better understanding of the issue through reduced miscommunication.

Customer Expectations: Customers expect to communicate with brands via multiple channels, including video.

People on video call at home
Video Contact Centre Agent

Business Benefits

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Face-to-face communication provides a more personalised and efficient experience and builds stronger trust in your brand.

Competitive Advantage: Embracing video contact centre demonstrates a commitment to the latest technology as a means of meeting customer expectations. Distinguish your business from your competitors who may be slower to adopt new technologies.

"It was important that Marlin Comms was technology agnostic, as we wanted a solution that worked for our particular circumstances and existing technology." 

Our Video Contact Centre Partners

Why Choose Marlin Communications?

At Marlin Communications the relationship with our customers and partners takes centre-stage in our business. 

With our in-house team of engineers and support professionals, Marlin Communications is perfectly positioned to deliver a comprehensive service and partner with your business for the long term.

'To Exceed Expectations' is our founding principle.  It's reflected in our SLA performance statistics:

  • 94% of support requests handled within 10% of allotted response time
  • 100% SLA performance record against client agreement
  • 24/7/365 support available
  • Installation and Support engineers across the UK
  • Strategic international support partnerships across the globe

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