Microsoft 365 Protection

Email Security, Backup, Compliance & Security Awareness

Microsoft 365 protection covers all aspects of your organisation's security management and data protection,  including:

  • Email Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Permission Management
  • Security Awareness
  • Compliance

Our solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, providing your organisation with multiple layers of added security and data protection against spam, malware, and advanced threats.

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Microsoft 365 Protection: Email Security features

Microsoft 365 Protection - Email Archiving Icon


Helps your organisation comply with retention mandates by creating a searchable repository to support compliance reporting and audits. Emails can be archived for up to 10 years. 

Microsoft 365 Protection - Email Encryption Icon


Outgoing emails are automatically encrypted with one of the common encryption technologies (PGP,S/MIME or TLS), depending on the set policy and availability of the corresponding certificates, without any further user intervention.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Email Signatures & Disclaimers Icon

Signatures & Disclaimers

Set up automatically integrated ad banners or links in email signatures for your external corporate email communications and add uniform and legally compliant company disclaimers.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Email Continuity Icon


As your organisations regular email server waits to restore services, the new email gets queued up for delivery and synchronised back to the email continuity portal.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Spam & Malware Protection Icon

Spam & Malware Protection

AI & Machine Learning combined with other technologies guarantees 99.99% detection rate for spam and 99.9% for viruses.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Advanced Threat Protection Icon

Advanced Threat Protection

Protects your email traffic from an insidious variety of cyberattacks by freezing, URL scanning, rewriting, and sandboxing to keep the IT infrastructure secure.

Microsoft 365 Protection: Backup & disaster Recovery Features

Microsoft 365 Protection - Backup Icon

Mailboxes & Microsoft Teams

Automated backups for Mailboxes, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint - M365 data is automatically backed up several times a day. Manual backups are also possible at any time.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Backup Icon

OneDrive & SharePoint

Recovery of M365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive and SharePoint - Full and granular recovery options.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Backup Icon


Backup and recovery of endpoints - Any Windows-based endpoint can be backed up without requiring a VPN.

Microsoft 365 Protection: Permission Features

Microsoft 365 Protection - Permission Management Icon


Quick actions to fix permissions on multiple sites, full overview of all M365 permissions within the company. Advanced filtering for quick permissions check and breakdown of nested groups to get a transparent view of users' effective access rights.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Permission Alerts Icon


Daily summary of critical permission changes happening across your M365 tenant regarding sharing of sites, files and folders in and out of your organisation.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Permission Audit Icon


Audit function for approval or rejection of possible violations via reverting the site settings according to the assigned compliance policy or removing given access.

Microsoft 365 Protection: Security Awareness Features

Microsoft 365 Protection - Phishing and Attack Icon

Phishing & Attack Simulation

Individually customised phishing scenarios lead to bogus login pages, contain attachments with macros, and emails with response threads.

Microsoft 365 Protection - Security Awareness Icon

Security Awareness Service

Fully automated Awareness Benchmarking, Spear-Phishing-Simulation and E-training to sensitise and protect employees against cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 Protection - ESI Reporting Icon

ESI® Reporting

The ESI® Awareness Benchmark enables a standardised and transparent measurement of security behaviour.

Microsoft 365 Protection: Compliance Features

Microsoft 365 Protection - Communication Pattern Analysis Icon

Communication Pattern Analysis

Automatically learns your email communication patterns and helps secure your outgoing communications within and outside of the tenant.

Microsoft 365 Protection -AI Recipient Validation Icon

AI Recipient Validation

AI Recipient Validation analyses emails based on previous communications and triggers warnings in various instances. 

Microsoft 365 Protection - Sensitive Data Check Icon

sensitive Data Check

Users are notified immediately when the email they are trying to send contains sensitive information like Personal Identifiable Information.


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