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The Top 3 Things Keeping Your IT Team Up At Night

In the world of hybrid working, organisations need to manage increasingly diversified IT ecosystems. IT support teams often rely on multiple tools to identify and resolve problems. But to be effective, they need a new approach — and a consolidated toolkit.  

Everyone understands the benefits of hybrid working. But the sudden introduction of hybrid working has made life much more complicated for IT support. Global research* by IDG commissioned by our solution partner GoTo reveals the 3 biggest issues keeping IT Teams awake at night are flexibility, security risks and productivity – here are the findings.

1) Flexibility

Technology sprawl is real and it is complicating the work that IT Teams need to deliver. What IT teams need now, more than ever, is a single-pane-of-glass that empowers agents to be agile whilst also giving them more control. 

“87% use multiple tools for remote support”, presenting challenges like:

  • 50% agree – “The need to switch between multiple technologies is impacting help desk productivity”.
  • 49% agree – “The volume of technologies in use presents an increased security risk”.
  • 48% agree that – “Support history and contextual data is dispersed across several tools”.
  • 45% agree that – “It’s time-consuming/costly to manage multiple tools”.
  • 42% agreed that they are – “Paying for underutilised or unused technology tools”.
  • Only 3% agreed with none of the above.

The top barriers to consolidation:

  1. A perceived need for backup solutions in the event of a reliability issue.
  2. Concerns about integrating into the existing infrastructure.

2) Security

Remote work is not only eating up time, but it’s also putting businesses at risk. IT teams must have the right security-related features to keep its infrastructure and users protected. 

“93% of businesses are concerned about the possibility of a data breach” 

  • 82% say it’s challenging to avoid cyber threats with current technology.
  • 67% say time spent mitigating cyberattacks has increased in the past 20 months.
  • 49% say the volume of technologies in use presents an increased security risk.

The top desired technologies are:

  1. Permission-based support with end-to-end encryption and the ability to enable MFA/SSO.
  2. Requiring agents to reauthenticate to modify or create potentially sensitive automated tasks.

3) Productivity 

With flexible work demanding more bandwidth from IT, toggling between tools is not best-serving agents. IT teams need ways to keep end users working while supporting their productivity. 

Top productivity blockers when supporting remote vs. office-based employees:

  • 50% agree – “The average support request for remote vs. office-based employees takes longer to resolve”.
  • 43% agree – “Reactive support is more challenging remotely”.
  • 39% agree – “Steps/technology required to connect to the company network is dependent on location (e.g. use of VPN)”.
  • 43% agree – “Complexity when troubleshooting off-network devices”.
  • 31% agree – “Cannot replicate the in-person onboarding experience”.
  • 29% agree – “Not able to “see” the technology issues remote employees are having”.
  • 20% agree – “No policies or protocols for supporting personal devices including PCs, home WiFi and printers remotely”.
  • 29% agree – “Unable to push software updates to off-network machines”.

92% consider it highly valuable to have messaging tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams integrated into support processes. 

88% consider it highly valuable to include proactive and reactive support notifications in one IT support tool. 

What Your IT Team Really Needs

With more employees and endpoints no longer all in one place, your IT team needs support tools that are simpler, smarter, and more flexible than ever. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution. GoTo Resolve offers the flexibility, security, and productivity-optimising features every IT team dreams about.  

GoToResolve IT Team

GoTo Resolve—the all-in-one IT management solution

By consolidating essential support tools into a single solution, GoTo Resolve enables IT Teams to manage requests, triage problems, and fix issues faster—with no toggling between disconnected tools.   

GoToResolve Key Features

  • Flexible for today’s flex work – All the tools you need, including proactive and reactive support, conversational ticketing and camera sharing. 
  • Security, never compromised – The industry’s first zero-trust, identity-based access control secures managed devices from malicious actors. 
  • Productivity maximised – Time-optimising features like unattended access and multi-session handling lets agents and employees get more done.

Discover how to instantly modernise your IT infrastructure with a flexible, easy-to-use IT management and support solution. Click here to download the GoToResolve datasheet.

To speak to us now about GoToResolve or IT support management, call 0800 032 8274 or request a callback here.

*source: IDG: The State of SMB IT Support: How to Empower and Secure the Hybrid Workforce, January 2022


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