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Increase Productivity with Zoom Workplace

Zoom Workplace, (formerly Zoom One) has been reimagined in response to the need for businesses to boost productivity by reducing disparate communication & collaboration systems. Zoom Workplace consists of all the tools your business needs to be productive in one UC platform and under one license.

What is Zoom Workplace?

Designed with modern work in mind, Zoom Workplace productivity solutions help make your workday more productive, with an all-in-one, AI-powered collaboration platform.
Zoom Workplace includes; Meetings, Team Chat, Zoom Phone, Mail & Calendar, Scheduler, Clips, AI Companion, Whiteboard, Notes, Zoom Rooms, Workspace Reservation, Digital Signage, Visitor Management & Workvivo.

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What Productivity Challenges Does Zoom Workplace Solve?

Simplification – 4 Hours each week are spent by employees toggling between apps – Harvard Business Review

Engagement – 77% of employees don’t feel engaged in the workplace – Gallup: State of the Global Workplace

Automation – 50% of time at work is spent on work about work, not on skilled work – Asana: The Anatomy of Work Index


Make Your Workday Work for You

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Reduce Fragmentation and Costs

All of your productivity solutions in one place:

  • Optimise collaboration and reduce fragmentation
    Alleviate app fatigue with centralised tools that are tightly integrated across Zoom and third-party apps
  • Better meeting outcomes
    Stay connected before, during, and after meetings
  • Lower total cost of ownership
    Reduce the number of apps you pay for and manage while increasing business value

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Collaborate Better Across Locations and Time Zones

Keep projects moving and teams informed:

  • Go beyond traditional connections
    Transcend physical boundaries and time zones with asynchronous collaboration
  • Prioritise inclusivity
    Create equitable experiences for every user
  • Enable transparency and efficiency
    Maintain access to up-to-date stakeholder input

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Unlock Valuable Time

Jumpstart creation with AI-powered workflows and templates:

  • Asynchronous Collaboration
    Enable teams with tools for quicker progress and attainment of tangible outcomes
  • Harness the power of AI
    Unlock insights and efficiency, make decisions, and level up user skills
  • Alleviate the stress of “starting from scratch”
    Browse template libraries to kickstart projects so you can focus on bringing ideas to life


Zoom Workplace Productivity Solutions

Zoom Whiteboard

Collaborative workspace where teams can brainstorm, plan and learn.

  • Real-time seamless collaboration in and out of meetings
  • Ignite visual ideation with template libraries and rich drawing and annotation tools
  • Simplify workflows with cross-platform and third-party integrations

Zoom Notes

Create and share personal and collaborative notes in and out of meetings.

  • Prepare and align meeting agendas
  • Foster greater visibility and deeper participation, in and out of meetings
  • Ensure clarity of decisions and outcomes and next steps for success
  • Promote hybrid and equitable work with asynchronous note collaboration

Zoom Clips

Record, edit and share short-form videos

  • Save time and money by communicating clearly
  • Have a central place to keep and manage clips
  • Improve training by sharing knowledge easily

Zoom Surveys

Capture actionable insights and keep a pulse on employee & customer satisfaction

  • Gain insights before planning meeting agendas, onboarding and training courses, or customer presentations
  • Collect post-meeting feedback to inform continuous improvements
  • Gather input on priorities, potential risks, and updates to move projects along more effectively


A Day in the Life with Zoom Workplace

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Before Meetings – Prepare to be productive

Comprehensive meeting preparation:

  • Introduce agenda items, share updates or present key information with Zoom Clips
  • Use Zoom Notes to organise thoughts and set clear objectives for your meetings
  • Share Zoom Surveys to gather insights and priorities to be discussed in-meeting
  • Collaboratively brainstorm ideas and outline strategies with Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom Workplace - Woman on Computer with Coffee

During Meetings – Better use of the time you schedule

Tighten up the meeting experience

  • Collaborate on the Zoom Whiteboard to brainstorm and outline strategy
  • Introduce agenda items with a Zoom Clip to give deeper context
  • Collaboratively capture ideas and important information during meetings with Zoom Notes
  • Collect feedback, sentiment and understanding throughout meetings with Zoom Surveys

Zoom Workplace - Woman looking at Computer with Coffee

After Meetings – Keep the conversation going

Efficient post-meeting collaboration

  • Visualise action plans by mapping them out on a Zoom Whiteboard after the meeting
  • Recap meeting outcomes in a Zoom Clip for the team to reference
  • Refine and share important information captured during the meeting with Zoom Notes
  • Collect feedback using Zoom Surveys for continuous improvements

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Eliminate the Meeting Altogether

Use productivity solutions in place of a meeting

  • Share a Zoom Note to communicate important information that can be reviewed when convenient
  • Collaborate on a Zoom Whiteboard to brainstorm and outline strategy


Zoom Workplace – Total Cost of Ownership

Savings Beyond the License Fee

Day 0
Productivity & AI included – Whiteboard, Clips, Notes, Surveys & Generative AI Assistant included*
Simple and transparent licensing with no hidden fees and productivity and AI included.

Day 1
34% less implementation and training costs**
Easy implementation with an intuitive admin portal that saves time in provisioning tasks to accelerate adoption

Day 2+ 
33% less annual management cost**
Renowned ease-of-use allows you to support more end-users with fewer FTEs

*As of September 2023, other platforms advertising charging up to £24 per user per month
**As compared to the average of all platforms, according to a 2023 Zoom-commissioned Metrigy study


Find out more about Zoom Workplace

If you want to know more about Zoom Workplace, download the datasheet here.

If you’d like your business to benefit from Zoom Workplace, contact us for a free 15-minute consultation and find out how we can support your business. Call us on 0800 032 8274 or book a discovery call here.


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