What's new in Microsoft Teams - January 2024

What’s New In Microsoft Teams – February 2024

Our regular monthly Microsoft Teams update for January. This release includes new updates to Microsoft Teams Meetings, Teams Mobile, Teams Rooms, Teams-certified Devices & Virtual Appointments.

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Intelligent Recap Now Included with Copilot for Microsoft 365 License

Users with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license now have access to intelligent recap for Teams automatically included in their license. Intelligent recap provides you with a summary after your meeting which includes personalised timeline markers so that you can easily browse recordings by actions, including; when you joined or left, screen-sharing, and when your name was mentioned. Within Intelligent Recap, you can browse recordings by speakers, chapters, and topics and access AI-generated meeting notes, tasks, and go-to name mentions in the transcription.

Decorate Your Meeting Background

Make meetings more fun and personal with ‘Decorate your background’. Users with a Microsoft Teams Premium license can now use generative background effects in Microsoft Teams meetings to improve the aesthetic look of where they’re working from. With ‘Decorate your background’, you can use the power of AI to generate a background that decorates and enhances your room, such as cleaning up clutter or adding plants to the wall.

Microsoft Teams - Decorate your background

Audio and Video Controls – Now Even Easier To Use

During Teams meetings, users can easily manage their audio and video settings from the fly-outs. With the new updates, Microsoft has made it even easier to control settings. You can select your microphone, adjust the volume, spatial audio and noise suppression from the audio fly-out.  If you didn’t select your background during the pre-join, you can change this directly in the camera fly-out, as well as adjust brightness and soft focus. Additionally, you can now also select avatars directly from the camera fly-out.

Microsoft Teams - Simplified audio and video controls

Microsoft Teams Mobile

Live Meeting Status for Mobile

Now on mobile devices, your Microsoft Teams calendar will show the live status of a meeting, including pictures of the people present on the call, if the meeting is being recorded and how long the meeting has lasted.

Play Azure-protected Voicemail in the Mobile Teams App

You can now use a direct link to get to your Azure-protected voicemails from the Teams App. A notification for your voicemail will show on the Teams mobile app, clicking the attached link will open the voicemail within the mobile web browser.

Microsoft Teams Virtual Appointments

Assign Staff and Set the Duration for On-Demand Virtual Appointments

Teams users that have a Microsoft Teams Premium License can now schedule and manage on-demand appointments by assigning specific staff members and setting appointment duration to handle on-demand services. This ensures that when on-demand appointments are requested, there are designated staff members assigned to the appointment and that the appointment duration will be determined. The designated staff members will also receive a notification to attend the on-demand appointment.

Microsoft Teams - Virtual Appointments On-Demand Service

SMS notifications in the Virtual Appointments template

Teams users that have a Microsoft Teams Premium License (Canada, UK & US) can set up and schedule SMS notifications using the Virtual Appointments template within the Teams app to improve the attendees’ appointment experience. Attendees will receive SMS text notifications about their appointment, including appointment details and the meeting join link so they can join directly from mobile if desired. Text notifications can be sent for appointment confirmations, updates, and a 15-minute before reminder.

Microsoft Teams - Virtual Appointments - SMS notifications

Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices

AVer VB350 – Newly Certified for Microsoft Teams

With a Hybrid 18X Zoom for Medium & Large Rooms, a streamlined design, dual 4K lenses, seamless lens switching, upgraded audio technology, and a simple setup, the VB350 is the ultimate all-in-one solution for next-level video meetings. Level up to premium audio and video by using this powerful new video bar in your mid-to-large conference rooms.
Learn more here.

Aver Microsoft Teams Certified

Lenovo ThinkSmart 180 – Newly Certified for Microsoft Teams

This premium conference bar delivers a superior audio and visual experience featuring a modern form factor and best-in-class AI-accelerated performance. This stylish and easy-to-set-up meeting room bar will transform your small and medium-sized meeting rooms into next-generation collaboration spaces in no time at all. Impressive AI features follow the conversation, adjusting the view and audio to allow remote participants to feel like they’re sitting around the table, even if they’re across the world.
Learn more here.

Lenovo ThinkSmart 180 - Microsoft Teams Certified

AudioCodes RXV200-B20 bundle – Newly Certified for Microsoft Teams

The RXV200 bundle is designed to deliver an optimal hybrid meeting experience for focus rooms and includes the RXV200 intelligent A/V hub, the RX-PAD touch room controller, the RXVCam50 camera and RX15 speaker. The RXV200 is an Android Microsoft Teams Rooms device that orchestrates multiple audio and video peripherals to deliver an optimal hybrid meeting experience for all participants wherever they are located. The RXV200’s modular design supports content sharing, allowing participants to connect their devices via an HDMI cable, as well as dual screens and a wide range of AI capabilities.
Learn more here.

AudioCodes RXV200-B20 - Microsoft Teams Certified

AudioCodes RXVCam10-CC – Newly Certified for Microsoft Teams

AudioCodes RXVCam10-CC content camera is now certified for Teams. The RXVCam10-CC enables whiteboard content to be easily shared between physically present and remote meeting participants. In conjunction with Microsoft Teams AI content enhancement capabilities, the RXVCam10-CC simplifies team collaboration and brainstorming in hybrid meetings. Leveraging Microsoft Teams AI, the RXVCam10-CC offers intelligent whiteboard detection and automatically adjusts the frame to include the entire whiteboard. It also offers additional content enhancements such as image sharpening, contrast adjustment and overlaying a transparent view of the presenter. The RXVCam10-CC is designed for durability and is easy to install in any meeting room thanks to its adjustable whiteboard mount accessory.
Learn more here.

AudioCodes RXVCam10-CC - Microsoft Teams Certified

Management of BYOD meeting spaces with Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management

The ability to view BYOD (bring-your-own-device) rooms in the Microsoft Teams Pro Management Portal provides IT departments with a comprehensive overview of their BYOD rooms’ usage and activities. With this new addition, IT teams can now gain additional insights into how their spaces are being used, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Shared display mode for BYOD meeting rooms

The new shared display mode provides you with the ability to extend your Microsoft Teams meeting via a pop-out and view-only version of the stage onto the TV screen in BYOD meeting rooms. This mode ensures the meeting content is extended to the front of the room for others to see and provides you with the peace of mind that your desktop is for your viewing only, minimising the personal information others in the room can see.

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