Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile

Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile

Marlin Communications is proud to offer and enable Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile to our clients. Now, with Marlin Communications’ expertise and partnership with Microsoft, organisations can seamlessly integrate their users’ mobile identities with Microsoft Teams collaboration and productivity tools.

What is Microsoft Teams Mobile?

Microsoft Teams Mobile is a mobile-first experience that provides business users with access to Teams capabilities through their mobile identity on their native dialer and any Teams endpoint. Or put another way, Teams Phone Mobile lets you use your SIM-enabled mobile phone as your Teams phone without the use of the Teams app.

This solution offers the reliability of cellular network quality for Teams communications, allowing IT Teams to enforce business policies, reduce costs, and improve the user experience for their mobile workforce.

What is Operator Connect?

Operator Connect is an operator-managed service that brings PSTN calling to Teams. With Operator Connect, businesses can bring their own PSTN carrier (from Microsoft’s approved list) to enable Microsoft Teams calling via a managed service model. IT Managers can then connect their provider and assign phone numbers to users, all from within an “Operators” tab directly within the Teams admin dashboard. Operator Connect is now available for mobile and has been termed “Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile”, read more about Operator Connect here.

What is Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile?microsoft teams phone mobile

Now that Operator Connect has been enabled on mobile, Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile seamlessly integrates users’ mobile identities with Microsoft Teams collaboration and productivity.

This innovation in fixed-mobile convergence offers flexibility, efficiency, security, and compliance, making it particularly valuable in the new hybrid workplace. As functionality expands, the boundaries between voice calls and meetings, mobile and Wi-Fi networks, mobile and desktop devices, and office and field settings will continue to blur, offering the promise of true organisational mobility with Operator Connect Mobile.

How does it work?

Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile empowers employees to use their mobile phones as they normally would, while enabling organisations to implement business-calling features and policies on those devices.

This seamless integration allows calls to effortlessly transition across networks and devices without no interruption. For example, users can initiate a call using their mobile phone network and seamlessly “uplift” it to an Internet-based video call in Teams on any device, without the need to hang up and restart the conversation.

Who are the operators?

The current list of partners for Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile includes:

BT/EE (UK), Deutsche Telecom (Germany), Rogers (Canada), Swisscom (Switzerland), Telia (Sweden) & Verizon (United States).

Operators - operator connect mobile for microsoft teams phone mobile

Key Benefits and Features of Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile

Empowers a mobile-first workforce

Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile enables reliable communication solutions with failover options, ensuring better call continuity and quality of service. Users can seamlessly move between devices without dropping calls or losing context. They can also leverage the power of Teams by uplifting calls to any type of device, allowing for collaboration through video, content sharing, recording, transcription, and inviting new participants.

True mobile integration

Users gain access to a range of user benefits, including consolidated call history, unified voicemail management, visual voicemail transcription, centralised communication, business number integration, and enhanced mobility and flexibility. These advantages enhance the communication experience, improve productivity, and ensure seamless connectivity for users within the Microsoft Teams environment.

Single-number simplicity and flexibility

Users can have one business-provided number for mobile, desk, and Microsoft Teams, enabling them to work securely and flexibly from any location, device, or network. Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile allows users to make and receive calls on their native dialer as well as the Teams app.

Security, privacy, and compliance capabilities

Organisations can extend enterprise-grade business policies, such as recording and retention, to voice calls on native mobile devices. Calls can be configured to appear as though they’re coming from the organisation, protecting users’ mobile numbers externally.

Streamlined support and reduced costs

Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile enables the consolidation of redundant fixed-line and mobile services, minimising the number of devices and hardware to purchase, manage, and support.

Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile from Marlin Communications

microsoft teams phone mobile

Marlin Communications offers a way for your Microsoft Teams Operator Connect or Direct Routing number to be bridged via a Teams SIP Gateway to an eSIM.

This eSIM provides a user with a secondary SIM on their phone, which can be specifically used to make and receive calls via the Microsoft Teams Phone number without the requirement of using the Microsoft Teams mobile application. All calls made and received are routed via Microsoft Teams, providing the user with a single unified presence as well as voicemail and compliance recording (if enabled on the tenant).

Our solution is perfect for businesses that want to bring a Teams number to a user with a personal/BYOD device, providing them with the capability to make and receive business calls without any app required.

Find out more about Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile by contacting us here or calling 0800 032 8274.

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