What's new in Microsoft Teams November 23

What’s New In Microsoft Teams – November 2023

Our regular monthly Microsoft Teams update for November. This release includes new updates to Microsoft Teams Copilot, Teams Phone & Teams-certified Devices.

Microsoft Teams Copilot

Copilot in Teams Meetings without transcript retention

Copilot can now be used during a meeting without retaining a transcript after the meeting. Admins can give meeting organisers the ability to set their preferences before or during the meeting. When enabled without transcription, you can ask Copilot any question during the meeting, and after the meeting ends no transcript or Copilot interactions will be retained. Since no transcript is retained after the meeting, neither intelligent recap nor Copilot will be available after the meeting.

Copilot in Teams Meetings without transcript retention

Copilot writing assistance in Teams chat and channels

Express yourself better and transform your ideas into succinct messages with Copilot in the compose box writing assistance. Enter your draft message into the compose box, whether in chat, meeting chat or channel and Copilot can help you. Choose to rewrite the message, adjust the tone to be casual, professional, confident, enthusiastic and modify the length of the message before you send it.

Copilot in chat compose box. Request to make the message sound more professional.

Copilot in Teams channels

Get up to speed on lengthy discussions quickly by asking Copilot to highlight key information from a channel post conversation, such as your task list, key discussion points, or any other question you have. Copilot will generate an organised summary of the information you requested. The summary of information will include citations, to keep users aware of the source.

Copilot in Teams channels

Copilot in the Calls app: post-call experience

Copilot in Microsoft Teams Phone uses the power of AI to help take care of the busy work by capturing key points, task owners, and next steps, and lets you focus on connecting and collaborating with your co-workers and clients. Now, you will also be able to use Copilot from the Calls app in Teams to easily get insights from your previously completed calls. Copilot in Teams Phone supports both VoIP and PSTN calls.

Microsoft Teams Phone

SIP Gateway overhead paging devices support

SIP Gateway enables organisations to use compatible 3rd party SIP devices with Microsoft Teams, further expanding the list of devices supported. SIP Gateway now supports overhead paging devices from Algo, allowing organisations to use Teams calling functionality on intercoms, ringers and speakers, while in noisy environments like manufacturing plants.

Algo Products

New partner integrations for Teams Phone Contact Centre

Microsoft has now certified Audiocodes and Netcall for use with Microsoft Teams for Contact Centre and Compliance Recording. The Microsoft Teams Phone contact centre and compliance recording certification programs provide validation through rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure seamless and reliable integration of Contact Centre and Compliance recording solutions with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Rooms & Teams-certified Devices

Cisco Room Bar Pro + Room Navigator

The Cisco Room Bar Pro and Room Navigator are now certified for Teams Rooms on Android. The Room Bar Pro is a flexible video bar appliance for high-quality video conferencing and content sharing in small rooms and huddle spaces, offering advanced meeting room AI, camera intelligence, spatial sound, and rich content sharing. It has a far-reaching dual camera system for incredible video, speakers and microphones tuned for pure sound, a supercharged computing engine, and versatile connectivity options, and includes an intuitive touch controller and smart accessories.

Cisco Room Bar Pro

Nureva HDL310 audio system certified for large Microsoft Teams Rooms

The Nureva HDL310 audio conferencing system, certified for Teams Rooms on Windows, offers a simple and scalable way to achieve professional AV performance in large spaces (up to 30′ x 30′ or 9.1 x 9.1 m) without the complexity of a custom AV system. It joins Nureva’s HDL300 system as the only microphone and speaker bar solutions to be certified for large Team Rooms. Utilising patented Microphone Mist™ technology, it creates a virtual array of microphones to ensure clear audio throughout the meeting room, enhancing the remote participant’s listening experience.
Learn more here.

The Nureva HDL310


Jabra PanaCast P50 Intelligent Speaker

The Jabra PanaCast P50 Intelligent speaker, certified for Teams Rooms on Windows, is packed with game-changing innovations including a unique front-of-room 180° field of view, an integrated content camera, and dynamic composition (using Microsoft Composite IntelliFrame) to upgrade the hybrid meeting experience. With its new intelligent speaker functionality, meeting participants can easily keep track of the conversation, whether in-room or remote. It recognises up to 10 speakers, annotating live transcriptions, eliminating speaker confusion, and boosting focus on discussions.
Learn more here.

Jabra PanaCast P50 Intelligent Speaker

Logi Zone Wireless 2 Headset

The Logi Zone Wireless 2 Headset is a versatile and comfortable wireless headset designed for the modern professional. With advanced noise-cancelling technology, crystal-clear audio, and intuitive controls, this headset is perfect for use in the office, at home, or on the go.
Learn more here.

Logi Zone Wireless 2 Headset

Lenovo Wired VoIP Headset

Enjoy a seamless user experience and stay focused in virtual meetings with the Lenovo Wired VoIP Headset. Designed for the hybrid workplace, this headset features EPOS BrainAdapt™ and ActiveGard® technology to reduce fatigue and protect your hearing.
Learn more here.

Lenovo Wired VoIP Headset

Lenovo Wired ANC Headset Gen 2

Engineered for today’s hybrid workplace, the Lenovo Wired ANC Headset Gen 2 combines the power of active noise canceling with EPOS BrainAdapt™ and ActiveGard® technology.
Learn more here.

Lenovo Wired ANC Headset Gen 2


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