Meeting Insights

Boost your team's efficiency and decision-making beyond the Meeting

Harness the strength of your voice and cutting-edge generative AI with Meeting Insights. This innovative tool seamlessly captures, analyses, and organises crucial moments during your Microsoft Teams calls with customers, prospects, and team members. Built for every decision-maker across your organisation. Native to Microsoft Teams.

People in meeting room using AI Meeting Insights
People in a meeting

Turn Meetings Into Decision-Making Assets

Transform each Teams meeting, demo, webinar, and presentation throughout your organisation into a reusable asset that enhances the decision-making process.

  • Recap missed calls in just 5 minutes or less
  • Make decisions based on tangible insights from meetings, not assumptions
  • Stay engaged in the conversation as AI diligently records and shares notes
  • Discover valuable insights buried in conversations across your organisation


Automatically Record & Transcribe Microsoft Teams Meetings

Every AI-driven meeting minute is seamlessly connected to the meeting recording and complete transcript, ensuring effortless access to every detail. With Meeting Insights handling the rest, you can now fully concentrate on the conversation.

  • Organise your meeting summary, key topics, action items, and questions asked with AI-powered meeting notes
  • Choose to record only the meetings you want or start and stop at your convenience
  • Effortlessly capture hybrid meetings using a Teams Meeting Room device, ensuring engagement remains high regardless of the room

Meeting Insights
Meeting Insights for Microsoft Teams

Access All Meeting Content in One App

Centralise all your company meetings and content in a searchable repository with Meeting Insights. Meeting recordings are automatically uploaded to this central hub, eliminating the need to request access or share recording links.

  • Easily locate meeting recordings by searching titles, participants, tags, or dates
  • Organise essential meeting recordings by marking them as favourites
  • Stay informed with a dynamic list of your meetings and those pertinent to your role, ensuring you remain in the loop.


Get Every Detail, from Every Call

The AI meeting assistant, will record, transcribe, and analyse every word from all the meetings you couldn’t attend. Allowing you to quickly catch up on the moments you missed or revisit highlights from a previous call.  

  • Identify speakers and view the exact slide or screen-share displayed in presentations
  • Utilise AI-generated timestamped highlights, bookmarks, and action items to efficiently summarise a 1-hour meeting in just 5 minutes
  • Search the meeting transcript for discussed topics, instantly pinpointing keywords related to projects, deals, or questions.

Meeting Insights
Meeting Insights

Share Powerful Moments With One Click

Effective cross-functional collaboration relies on immediate access to pertinent information. Meeting Insights provides all employees instant access to public meeting content, offering more than just a link to the entire meeting. Instead, it delivers easily digestible meeting minutes that can be shared as snippets with any team member through the Meeting Insights app.

  • Share time-saving, bite-sized snippets with colleagues who would benefit the most
  • Choose to be an optional meeting attendee while receiving crucial meeting details directly in your inbox
  • Make meeting recordings available to your organisation or tailor privacy controls for selective access to specific individuals

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