RDG Case Study - Boosting Productivity and Collaboration

Boosting Productivity & Collaboration: A Client Case Study

Case Study: Rail Delivery Group

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, the synergy between productivity and collaboration stands as a cornerstone for success. A prime example of this is the transformative journey undertaken by our clients; Rail Delivery Group (RDG), an organisation dedicated to enhancing the railway network’s efficiency and coordination.

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The Challenge: An Outdated Office

Rail Delivery Group (RDG) faced several challenges with their office environment, including outdated meeting room setups, low desk utilisation rates and inefficient communication methods.

With 15 meeting rooms and desk utilisation at less than 50% in their previous office space, RDG wanted to reimagine their workspace to increase productivity & employee engagement.

“We chose Marlin because we wanted to work with a partner who understood our goals and could create a solution that would help us achieve those goals.”
Kurtis Marsden, IT Manager, Rail Delivery Group.

The Solution: Improving Collaboration

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RDG transitioned to a new office space with a redesigned layout focused on collaboration rather than traditional office designs.

With only four core meeting rooms and 86 desks, the new office aimed to optimise space utilisation while fostering a collaborative environment. Meeting rooms were designed and installed with Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) systems incorporating Clevertouch’s HD displays and Yealink’s video conferencing technology including content sharing capabilities and simple-to-use room booking solutions. Clevertouch’s award-winning digital signage on HD displays were strategically deployed in common areas, displaying live rail information, company updates and employee engagement initiatives.

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The Result: Increase Productivity

The implementation of the Marlin Communications solution has yielded significant results for Rail Delivery Group:

  • Desk utilisation rates have increased to 80%
  • Meeting room utilisation has remained consistent at 95%
  • Increase in participation in Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Meeting rooms are now easier to use which has significantly improved productivity

“The new office space has been received really well for its collaborative environment and there is now more of a desire to work from the office.”
Kurtis Marsden, IT Manager, Rail Delivery Group.

RDG experienced the power that innovative technology and thoughtful design has when creating a modern and collaborative workspace centred around the needs of employees.

Are you ready to boost productivity in your organisation and achieve reduce the burden on your IT team? Marlin Communications can provide the tailor-made solutions you need. Discover the benefits of working with Marlin Communications by booking a discovery call here, emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 032 8274.

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