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Zoom AI companion is your generative AI smart assistant that helps you be more productive, collaborate with teammates and empowers you to focus on what matters most throughout your day.

Zoom AI Companion
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Zoom's smart Assistant

Increase productivity, improve team effectiveness and enhance your skills with Zoom AI Companion.

Get help drafting emails and chat messages, summarising meetings and chat threads, brainstorm creatively and much more - all included in the simple, easy-to-use Zoom experience you know and love. 


Why Zoom for AI?

  • High Quality - built with Zoom's own large language models, along with third-party models such as Meta Llama 2, OpenAI and Athropic.
  • Included at no extra cost for customers with paid service accounts
  • Platform-wide across meetings, chat, phone, email and whiteboard
  • Built-in to the existing easy-to-use Zoom experience

Woman on Phone Call - Zoom AI Companion
People using laptops - Zoom AI Companion

Key capabilities

  • Meetings
    Intelligently process meeting recordings, get meetings summaries, make live queries and get real-time feedback on your presentation skills
  • Email 
    Draft emails & email responses
  • Team Chat
    Draft responses, chat thread summaries, recommendations for replies, auto-complete suggestions and schedule meetings from chat.
  • Phone
    Get SMS threads and calls summarised
  • Whiteboard
    Help generating ideas, images and whiteboard templates
  • Notes
    Add meeting summaries to Notes for Zoom


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With our in-house team of engineers and support professionals, Marlin Communications is perfectly positioned to deliver a comprehensive service and partner with your business for the long term.

'To Exceed Expectations' is our founding principle.  It's reflected in our SLA performance statistics:

  • 94% of support requests handled within 10% of allotted response time
  • 100% SLA performance record against client agreement
  • 24/7/365 support available
  • Installation and Support engineers across the UK
  • Strategic international support partnerships across the globe

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