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Zoom AI Companion: Now Included with Zoom

Zoom AI Companion, (formerly Zoom IQ) is now included across the Zoom platform at no extra cost on all paid Zoom accounts. Zoom AI Companion empowers individuals by helping them be more productive, connect and collaborate with colleagues and improve their skills.

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Why AI?

Issues In The Workplace

Too much time is spent on repetitive tasks – “60% of a person’s time at work is spent on work about work, not on skilled work” – Asana.
Collaboration overload – “90% of people are burned out from collaborative demands” – HBR.
Stagnation of skills – “Nearly 60% of employees believe their skills have gone stagnant since the pandemic” – Forbes.

Benefits of AI

Removing repetitive tasks and increasing quality

Automating repetitive tasks and providing a strong baseline for day-to-day tasks (i.e., composing emails, sharing notes, etc.) that enable everyone to deliver better quality and faster.

Information capture, synthesis and sharing

Keeping teammates connected no matter when or where they work by capturing and sharing context and supporting co-creation.

Insights and feedback

Understanding how you communicate and collaborate with others and providing feedback and insights that help you improve.

Research from Zoom shows there is a need for a solution that provides the benefits of AI whilst addressing quality, privacy, cost, adoption and other issues – across the enterprise.

Why Zoom AI Companion?

Zoom AI Companion Smart Recording

1) High Quality

Zoom’s federated approach to AI helps deliver high-quality results and lowers costs by dynamically incorporating its own Zoom large language models, along with third-party models such as Meta Llama 2, OpenAI and Anthropic.

2) Included At No Extra Cost

Zoom AI Companion is now included at no additional cost for customers with the paid services in their Zoom user accounts, so those customers and their employees can benefit from the power of generative AI* straight away – just look for the Zoom AI icon.

3) Platform-Wide

Zoom AI Companion capabilities are available across the entire Zoom platform including Meetings, Team Chat, Phone, Email and Whiteboard. Connected third-party apps are also integrated with Zoom AI Companion, ensuring users are empowered no matter how they communicate and collaborate.

4) Easy To Use

Zoom AI Companion capabilities are embedded within the intuitive, simple, easy-to-use Zoom experience that you already know to drive usage and adoption.

5) Trusted

Zoom does not use any customer audio, video, chat, screen-sharing, attachments or other communications like customer content (poll results, whitboard, reactions) to train Zoom’s or any third-party AI models.

6) You’re In Control

Account owners and administrators control whether to enable these AI features for their accounts. Zoom provides admins and users control and visibility when AI features are being used or activated.

Zoom AI Companion Key Capabilities

Zoom AI Companion


  • Intelligently process meeting recordings
  • Get meetings summarised
  • Make queries in meetings
  • Get real-time feedback on your presentation skills*


  • Get SMS threads summarised*
    Get calls summarised*

Team Chat

  • Draft a chat response
  • Get chat thread summaries*
  • Get recommendations for chat replies*
  • Auto-complete chat sentences*
  • Schedule meetings from a chat*


  • Get help generating/categorising ideas*
  • Generate images*
  • Generate new whiteboard templates*


  • Draft and email response


  • Add meeting summaries to Notes for Zoom*

Increase Productivity

Automate key tasks across your entire workday – summarise meetings and calls, draft email and chat responses, access content from third-party applications and more to help streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Improve Team Effectiveness

Keep colleagues connected no matter when and where they work. Before and after meetings, use meeting summaries, smart recordings, auto-generated action items and other AI-supported capabilities. During meetings, stay up-to-date with in-meeting questions and brainstorm effectively with help generating ideas and new templates for whiteboard.

Enhance Your Skills

Receive real-time coaching and feedback on your presentation skills such as your talking speed, your use of filler words or your talk-listen ratio to help improve the way you communicate and engage with your colleagues, teams and customers*.

*Some features and capabilities are not currently available across all regions or plans.

Find out more about Zoom AI Companion

Zoom AI Companion - Marlin Communications

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