Zoom Release Updates

Zoom Release Notes – June 2023

The Zoom Release Notes for June 2023 highlight new features across the Zoom platform, Zoom Phone, Zoom Contact Centre, Zoom Whiteboard & Zoom Meetings. Read on to find out more…

Zoom Phone Updates

Zoom Phone

Call Forwarding

Zoom Phone users can now enable/disable Call Forwarding on their client and forward their call to internal extensions, external contacts/numbers, and voicemail, dependent on their phone plan and policy. This setting can be set for a time duration if desired.

Search Common area phones in Contacts

Users can now search and dial a desk phone from the Zoom client. They can also browse through a list of Zoom Phone Appliance names in the Contacts page under the Zoom Phone Appliances section.

Zoom Contact Centre Updates

Zoom Release Notes - Zoom Contact Centre

Estimated wait time in the video Waiting Room

If enabled by an admin within Zoom Contact Centre, customers will see the estimated wait time while waiting in the queue for a video engagement (Waiting Room). The estimated wait time is based on several factors including the average handling time.

Enhancements to voice call recordings during call transfers

When a call is being recorded and the agent transfers the call to a Zoom Phone user or to an external number, the contact centre voice call recording will stop.

Enhancements to chat feature in video engagements

There are several UI enhancements to the chat feature in video engagements to better match the web chat experience.

Enhancement of video engagements

When an additional customer is in a video engagement and then they leave, the engagement will continue for the remaining agent and customer.

Test video and microphone

Customers can test their video and microphone when joining a video engagement using a web browser.

Enhancements to closed engagement tabs

When viewing the closed engagements tab, supervisors and agents can search for a specific engagement or filter to a subset of engagements.

End of SMS or chat engagement experience

Account owners and admins can no longer set a wrap-up time for chat and SMS engagements. This has been changed to improve the experience for agents that handle several chat engagements at once and gives agents more time to set a disposition. Agents will not be able to set a disposition for a closed SMS or chat engagement. Dispositions will be reenabled in a future release for SMS and chat engagements.

Zoom Whiteboard Updates

Zoom Release Notes - Zoom Whiteboard

View additional shapes for Zoom Whiteboard

Additional shapes can be viewed to facilitate flow charts, data flow diagrams, and organisation charts. These shapes can only be viewed with the in-meeting Whiteboard experience.

Zoom Meeting Updates

Zoom Release Notes - Zoom Meetings

Search breakout rooms

Hosts and co-hosts are able to better manage breakout rooms with the ability to search for participants in breakout rooms by name, allowing them to quickly view, assign, or move participants between breakout rooms.

Support for translated captions

Account owners and admins can enable Translated Captions, which allows users to enable automated translated captions in language pairs in meetings; it also provides a speaking language list and a translation language list. These settings are available at the account, group and user levels. This feature is only available for Zoom One Business Plus and Zoom One Enterprise Plus accounts.

Additional Avatars Support

When enabled during a meeting, Zoom’s technology uses your device’s camera to detect where a face is on the screen and apply the selected avatar effect. This feature requires 5.11.0 or higher on Android.

Set video filters to be persistent for future meetings

Users can choose a video filter, such as colour filters, frames and foreground effects, which can be set and applied to all future meetings. This can be adjusted as needed before and within a meeting.

Meetings with Multiple Participants Share Content pre-enabled

Hosts can schedule meetings with the Multiple participants can share simultaneously option pre-enabled. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.

Persistent Gallery view after pinning

Participants in Gallery view are returned to Gallery view after pinning and unpinning a video, rather than switching to Speaker view after unpinning a video.

Enhanced mobile meeting experience

Participants can now easily minimise a meeting, as well as the ability to tap on the self-view in gallery view to open a new Virtual Backgrounds and Filters selector, to quickly make changes to their video appearance.

Quicker enablement of gesture recognition

Gesture recognition can be quickly enabled and disabled during a meeting directly from the meeting toolbar.

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Zoom Platform

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