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Marlin Communications Partners With DisplayNote

We’re proud to announce our partnership with DisplayNote. This means we can now offer our clients DisplayNote solutions including Launcher, Montage & Broadcast, helping our clients to improve meeting experiences in the office. 

Simplify Your Meeting Rooms with LauncherLauncher Graphic

With DisplayNote Launcher, users have secure, easy access to apps, video calls and calendars on the meeting room screen. Launcher acts as an intelligent interface, removing the pain of meeting room set-up for IT administrators and attendees.

One-Touch Access to Calls, Apps & Calendars

Launcher’s room calendar picks up scheduled calls and meetings, saving precious time. Tap a button to start or join your calls. 

Exchange & Google Calendar Integration

Launcher integrates with your Microsoft Exchange or Google calendar to fully synchronise with the tools you use including: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo, Lifesize & many more.

Launch Calls From Your Mobile Device

Launcher’s mobile app detects your meeting room displays automatically. This makes it simple for users to wirelessly sign-in and out of their Microsoft accounts – to quickly launch calls and access calendars. 

Stay Secure with Kiosk Mode

Launcher keeps your meeting room set-up secure. Kiosk mode limits access to the system, with PIN-protected setting to keep out the curious. 

Keep Your Data Private with Automatic Cleanup

Automatic Cleanup allows you to schedule when and how often your device is cleared, keeping you in control of the privacy of the meeting rooms. One tap clears your footproint, closing apps and clearing any browsing history.

Wireless Presentation That’s Simple, Smart & SecureMontage Graphic

With DisplayNote Montage, wirelessly share content from any device to your meeting room display. Just add it to any Windows 10 device or add it to a small standalone PC and connect it to a big screen.

Easily Share Your Screen From Any Device

Montage is simple to use; one click and you’re wirelessly presenting. It works with all modern laptops, tablets and phones, with support for your browser and native casting protocols. 

Session Management

Moderator mode puts the presenter in charge, ensuring that only they get to decide who can share their screen. With support for Grid View, they can even choose to view up to 4 streems simultaneously.

Smart Collaboration Tools

During a session, attendees can use the content sharing tools to annotate over the display and share videos, links and files with each other without ever having to leave the app. 

Connect Across Different Networks

Montage lets you share your screen no matter what network you are one, even when you’re sharing from a mobile device. 

Share Your Display With Everyone In The Room Broadcast Graphic

With DisplayNote Broadcast, you can send what’s on your display to other devices in real-time. Simply walk up to the display, start the broadcast and your audience can follow along.

Hassle-Free Set-up & Sharing

Broadcast sits discreetly on your display’s home screen; tap the icon to start sharing your screen. That means less time setting up, sending invites or scheduling sessions; resulting in more time for presenting. 

Follow Content With Ease

Audiences can join your broadcast with minimal fuss. All they need to do is visit the Broadcast webpage, enter a 6-digit ID and they’re live with you – what’s on your screen is on their screen. 

Get Started With DisplayNote Today

DisplayNote provides a host of solutions designed to create connected experiences for the office. With Launcher meeting room software, you can walk into any UC-equipped meeting room and instantly launch your calls. With Launcher installed on the meeting room display, spaces are equipped to accommodate whatever video-conferencing software your teams or clients prefer to use: Webex, Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, Lifesize…Launcher makes your meeting room interoperable.

To understand the value DisplayNote can have on your business, schedule a demo with one of our fully qualified product experts. 

Alternatively, find out more about the features and benefits here or call us free on 0800 032 8274 and speak to one of our experts.

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