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Streamlined Communications

Case Study: First Federation Trust

In the education sector, clear and efficient communication plays a pivotal role. First Federation Trust faced challenges with a complex telephony system that hindered their ability to communicate effectively. In this case study, we show how the partnership between Marlin Communications and the Trust delivered solutions that transformed the organisation, streamlined communications and resulted in substantial cost savings.

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The Challenge

The First Federation Trust is an educational multi-academy trust responsible for governance and management of 21 primary schools spanning Devon and Dorset in the UK.

The Trust was facing significant challenges with its telephony system and approached Marlin Communications seeking to streamline communications, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and establish a long-term partnership with a single supplier.

Every school operated on a different system with different contract end dates. Some schools were paying a lot of money for a solution that was quite basic.
Jay Presneil, ICT Manager

The Trust required a unified communications platform that would encompass all schools, allow for future expansion, and improve Internet connectivity and cybersecurity – all with reliable support and account management. Alongside this, the Trust wanted to migrate from traditional ISDN/PSTN telephone lines to SIP trunks, while retaining existing numbers.

I spoke to multiple vendors but Marlin was the only organisation that offered to come out to the
schools to have a look at what we had.

Jay Presneil, ICT Manager

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The Solution


To meet the requirement for streamlined communications, Marlin Communications recommended and implemented the 3CX Enterprise Communications platform, including mobility features, advanced contact centre capabilities and integration into existing CRM systems – all at a much lower cost when compared to existing contracts.

To facilitate agile working, Marlin Communications provided a range of compatible handsets, smartphone apps and desktop clients, allowing users to work from the office, remotely, or on the go –  from any device. This newfound flexibility streamlined communication and enhanced collaboration across the Trust, making it much easier to contact anyone within the organisation.

Security & Disaster Recovery

Recognising the importance of cybersecurity, Marlin Communications provided data networking design, disaster recovery and SonicWall firewall security solutions to protect against intrusion, malware, and ransomware. The firewalls delivered advanced threat protection and centralised management, ensuring the security and reliability of the Trust’s network.

“The firewalls that Marlin Communications deployed were enterprise-grade, which meant that our organisation went to the next level with cybersecurity. Because it’s managed by Marlin Communications, I don’t need to worry about it. They alert me if there’s anything I need to be worried about.”
Jay Presneil, ICT Manager, First Federation Trust.

“We recommended this solution for The First Federation Trust because it would help them achieve their goals of streamlined communication and improved collaboration, cost savings, enhanced security, and a reliable unified communications platform to support the organisation’s operations.”
Richard Hill, Solutions Consultant, Marlin Communications.

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The Result: Streamlined Communications

The implementation of a privately hosted 3CX solution, supported by Marlin Communications’ robust data centres, ensured reliable disaster recovery options and continuous operation for the Trust. The 3CX solution also introduced conferencing and collaboration features, eliminating the need for separate subscriptions and streamlined communication.

By choosing Marlin Communications, First Federation Trust benefited from a trusted provider with a nationwide reach. Marlin Communications’ expertise in all aspects of communication technology, including voice, video, connectivity, security, and mobile solutions, offered a comprehensive approach to the Trust’s needs.

First Federation Trust’s journey to streamlined communications with Marlin Communications was a resounding success. It not only achieved its goals of cutting costs and enhanced security but also simplified their communication infrastructure. The Trust now enjoys a reliable unified communications platform, streamlined operations, and a strong, long-term partnership with Marlin Communications.

Jay Presneil, ICT Manager at First Federation Trust, sums up his experience:

It’s been a real pleasure working with Marlin Communications. It’s just been a real refreshing experience that an organisation listens, recommends something that you really need, and then delivers exactly how they said they would.

Are you ready to streamline communications in your organisation and achieve significant cost savings? Marlin Communications can provide the tailor-made solutions you need. Discover the benefits of streamlined communication with Marlin Communications by booking a discovery call here, emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 032 8274.

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