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Microsoft Teams Integration For Mitel: 10 Direct Benefits

Introducing a new Microsoft Teams integration for Mitel Phone systems – a direct routing service that connects Mitel (and other business phone systems) to Microsoft Teams.

Mitel Business Phone Systems

Microsoft Teams Integration For Mitel Business Phones

Mitel telephone systems are built to meet the demands of the modern distributed workforce with a comprehensive feature set designed to improve business efficiency, at a competitive price. Mitel’s comprehensive range of business phone systems provides a targeted call centre, unified communications and cloud communications product to fit the requirements of all customers.

Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone

The Microsoft Teams Phone System is a unified communication solution that seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Teams platform. It empowers organisations to make and receive calls, host audio and video conferences, and send messages all within the Teams interface.

Teams Phone leverages VoIP technology, enabling users to transform their devices into full-fledged phones, complete with features like call routing, voicemail, and call forwarding. It also supports traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connectivity, ensuring compatibility with external phone lines.

Microsoft Teams Phone System fosters efficient collaboration by uniting voice, video, and messaging, making it an invaluable tool for modern businesses striving for productivity and connectivity.

Microsoft Calling Plans vs. Direct Routing

Microsoft Calling Plans and Direct Routing are two different approaches for enabling telephony services in Microsoft Teams. They offer distinct features and flexibility, and the choice between them depends on your organisation’s specific needs and requirements.

Here are the key differences between Microsoft Calling Plans and Direct Routing:

Service Provider

    • Microsoft Calling Plans: With Calling Plans, Microsoft acts as the service provider for your phone system. You purchase phone numbers and calling services directly from Microsoft.
    • Direct Routing: Direct Routing allows you to connect Microsoft Teams to your own telecommunications provider (like Marlin Communications), which can be a third-party VoIP provider or a Session Border Controller (SBC) managed by your organisation.

Phone Numbers

    • Microsoft Calling Plans: You can acquire phone numbers directly from Microsoft, and they are available in select countries and regions. Microsoft manages the provisioning and porting of these numbers.
    • Direct Routing: You can use your existing phone numbers or acquire them from your chosen telecommunications provider. You have more flexibility in selecting and managing your phone numbers.


    • Microsoft Calling Plans: Microsoft charges per user, per month, for calling plans. The pricing typically includes a bundle of minutes for domestic and international calling.
    • Direct Routing: Costs can vary depending on your chosen telecommunications provider and their pricing structure may provide more cost flexibility, especially for organisations with high call volumes or specific international calling needs. Direct Routing from Marlin Communications can reduce your calling costs by up to 50%. 

International Calling

    • Microsoft Calling Plans: International calling may be included in the plan or available as an add-on. Microsoft offers international calling rates and plans for various countries.
    • Direct Routing: You can choose your own telecommunications provider for international calling, potentially providing more options for competitive rates.

Hardware and Infrastructure

    • Microsoft Calling Plans: Requires no additional on-premises equipment. All the phone system services are hosted in the Microsoft cloud.
    • Direct Routing: Requires an SBC (Session Border Controller) to connect your existing telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Teams. This can be either on-premises or cloud-based.


    • Microsoft Calling Plans: Easier to set up and manage, but may have limitations in terms of number availability and pricing flexibility.
    • Direct Routing: Offers more flexibility and control, especially for organisations with complex telephony needs or specific regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

    • Microsoft Calling Plans: May be subject to certain regulatory limitations and requirements depending on the region. Compliance is managed by Microsoft.
    • Direct Routing: Provides more control over regulatory compliance as you can choose your telecommunications provider and SBC, ensuring they meet specific compliance requirements.

Why Connect Mitel To Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Integration For Mitel

The Microsoft Teams integration for Mitel phones can revolutionise communication and collaboration for businesses. This strategic fusion combines the robust capabilities of Mitel’s phone systems with the comprehensive collaboration tools of Microsoft Teams, yielding a multitude of advantages for organisations of all sizes.

Direct benefits include:

  1. Unified Communication: Streamlined communication within a single platform, enabling calls, messages, and meetings all from Microsoft Teams.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Leveraging Teams’ features for chat, file sharing, and real-time co-editing to promote seamless teamwork and heightened productivity.
  3. Improved Mobility: Empowering remote work by granting employees access to their phone system from anywhere with an internet connection.
  4. Cost Savings: Save up to 50% against Microsoft calling plans.
  5. Centralised Management: Administrators benefit from simplified phone system management, with centralised tools for configuration, call routing, and user permissions.
  6. Scalability: Easily adapt to changing business needs by effortlessly adding or removing users and phone lines.
  7. Microsoft Ecosystem Integration: Seamlessly connect with Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive to enhance productivity and collaboration.
  8. Advanced Calling Features: Leverage Mitel phones’ advanced call functions, such as call forwarding, recording, voicemail, and auto-attendants, within the Teams environment.
  9. Security and Compliance: Teams’ adherence to stringent security and compliance standards ensures data protection and regulatory compliance, vital for businesses in regulated industries.
  10. Analytics and Reporting: Access detailed analytics and reports on call and meeting usage to make informed decisions and optimise communication strategies effectively.

Microsoft Teams Integration For Mitel Phones

Microsoft Teams Integration For Mitel

The Microsoft Teams integration for Mitel from Marlin Communications is a complete, dedicated cloud-based telephony solution, integrated with Office 365. It integrates your existing Mitel phone system enabling staff to make and receive internal and external calls securely through the Microsoft Teams application.

Both inbound and outbound calls can be made and received using any device, such as a desk phone, mobile phone or laptop, from anywhere, at any time – making it ideally suited for businesses adopting hybrid, agile and flexible working practices.

The Microsoft Teams integration for Mitel enables a stand-alone, cloud-based phone system within the Microsoft Teams application or connects your existing PBX phone system (Mitel, Shoretel, Unify, Avaya, or other) to Microsoft Teams.

Zoom Desktop02

Mitel & Microsoft Teams 30 Day Proof-Of-Concept Offer

To request more information about the Microsoft Teams integration for Mitel phones and take advantage of our 30-day proof-of-concept offer, simply contact us here or email [email protected]

Our solution consultants will contact you to discuss the details and get you set-up quickly.

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