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Microsoft Teams Solutions From Marlin Communications

Marlin Communications specialises in tailored Microsoft Teams solutions including Microsoft Teams Meetings, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Microsoft Teams Phone, Microsoft Teams Contact Centre, Microsoft Teams Devices, and Microsoft Teams Reporting

Microsoft Teams Meetings: Elevating Collaboration with Precision

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Marlin Communications designs, installs, and deploys HD and secure Microsoft Teams video meetings tailored precisely to your business needs. By consolidating your video meetings to a single provider, your business can streamline communication and collaboration, fostering a more unified work environment. 

The use of certified Microsoft Teams devices ensures a high-definition audio and video experience, setting the stage for seamless virtual interactions. Additionally, the option to record your audio, video, and screen-sharing sessions not only facilitates your organisation’s compliance but also serves as a valuable knowledge retention tool for future training.

Microsoft Teams Rooms: Tailoring Spaces for Effective Collaboration

People in meeting room - Microsoft Teams Solutions

Marlin Communications offers a bespoke Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) service encompassing the design, installation, and deployment of video conferencing collaboration systems. 

High-quality video conferencing and audio-visual equipment from a range of partners including Logitech, Yealink, Neat & Clevertouch allows Marlin Communications to offer tailored solutions for meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes, including divisible rooms. 

The inclusion of interoperability solutions for other VC platforms (Zoom, Webex, etc..) ensures flexibility, making your meeting spaces optimised for user-friendly and effective collaboration.

Microsoft Teams Phone: Future-Ready Cloud-Based Calling

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Marlin Communications provides a cost-effective, cloud-based Microsoft Teams calling solution that comes with rich phone system features, strategically designed for enterprise scalability. The advantages include reduced costs through direct routing, secure calling, a SIP trunk call manager, and advanced calling and administrative features. 

As the business landscape continues to evolve, the seamless uplift from mobile to softphone to video positions Microsoft Teams Phone as an essential tool for businesses looking to adapt and thrive in the digital age.

Microsoft Teams Contact Centre: Seamless Customer Experiences, Elevated

Man on phone - Microsoft Teams Solutions

Inbound, outbound, blended, or omnichannel – Marlin Communications seamlessly integrates contact centre solutions with Microsoft Teams, delivering consistent experiences for customers and real-time collaboration for users.
Our approach ensures that your business can provide better customer interactions with advanced features like skill-based distribution, agent-expert consultation, and powerful integrations for your CRM and ticketing systems. All whilst remaining within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

Microsoft Teams Devices: Ensuring Equitable Meeting Experiences

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Marlin Communications can provide your business with the latest Microsoft Teams-certified devices and integrate your existing legacy devices to maximise the investment in your existing equipment.
This diverse range of options includes Microsoft Teams Rooms kits, video conferencing cameras, meeting controllers and schedulers, desk, speaker and conference phones, whiteboard cameras, interactive HD displays, accessories, and peripherals. This comprehensive suite caters to both office-based and remote users, fostering inclusivity in virtual meetings and enhancing overall collaboration.

Microsoft Teams Reporting: Unleashing Insights for Productivity Gains

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Marlin Communications provides customised and advanced reporting and analytics for Microsoft Teams. This suite of reporting tools offers rich insights into Microsoft Teams Phone, Teams Phone Mobile, Contact Centre, Microsoft Teams Room usage, licensing adoption, and more. By leveraging these insights, your business can make informed decisions to optimise its communication strategies, driving productivity and achieving business goals.

Microsoft Teams Solutions From Marlin Communications

If you’d like your business to benefit from bespoke Microsoft Teams solutions including integrations that can save time and money, contact us for a free 15-minute consultation and find out how we can support your business with Microsoft Teams.

Call us on 0800 032 8274 or book a discovery call here.

About Marlin Communications

Marlin Communications is an award-winning, leading provider of Unified Communications & collaboration solutions including voice, data, mobile, video, network security and contact centre technology for businesses of 50 – 5,000 staff.

We have clients across the UK and in Europe and our own, on-premises, 1,000 ft² Technology Suite at our Bath office, where we host regular events and showcase technology solutions for our clients. Contact us for your free comms audit or product demo.

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